The Dark Room

The darkroom is used for unpacking the dry plates, placing them in the play orders, and for developing them after exposure. The darkroom does not mean a room with the door closed and light coming in through cracks in the door or elsewhere, but one absolutely dark; the red light from the Ruby lantern must be the only light used.

A common dark closet is the most practical where the amateur has no special room for the purpose, as a closet is so easily made dark.

Ordering cleanliness or absolutely necessary in the darkroom have a convenient place for everything; have everything in its place, and never use the same bottle or dish for different purposes. By observing these directions you’ll avoid a long list of failures, which would otherwise be difficult to account for. Do not allow the HYPO to come in contact with any other solution. After using it, thoroughly wash their hands before putting them in any other solution, as, while it is perfectly harmless to handle, it will proof it over to other solutions. Have a place for your Hypo tray And another for your developing train. When not in use they should be kept in separate places, and as a further Prakashan it will be well, when the developing and fixing trays are similar, to mark on the outer side of each the initials of the solution used; as D on one and H the other.

It is earnestly recommended that the beginner become thoroughly familiar with several parts of his outfit before attempting photographic work.

Does the inside of the plate holder before putting in the dry plate as dust on the plate will make small transparent spots in the negative and consequent black spots in the finished photograph. Now go into your previously arranged dark room, locking the door behind you to avoid interruptions, having with you the plates in the plate holder.

To fill the plate holder carefully open the sealed package of dry place by cutting along the lower edge of the box to allow the removal of the cover; take a plate by the edges and by holding it so that the light is reflecting from the plate to the guy, you will notice one side is bright and glossy, while the other side is more or less door. The door side is the face or film side while the glossy or glass side is the back. Placed the plates in the holder with the face or door side out so as to be next to the slide, as this is the side which is next to the lens during the exposure and on which the impression is made. Having placed a plate in one side of the holder replace the slide and reverse the holder, Placing a plate in the other side in a similar manner. Having filled your holders, be sure to replace the cover on the box of plates before you open the door of your darkroom. It is desirable to brush the face of the plate very lightly with the camels hair brush to remove any dust; be careful not to touch the face of the plate with your fingers as it will be liable to show the marks in the picture.