Brenan Greene - El Dorado Hills

Brenan Greene

SEO Expert, Website Designer, Photographer, Lover of all things Digital and Traditional Marketing (Yes, in that order).

Brenan Started experimenting with Photography in 2014 when he saw a need for professional photography for his web design company Front Street Media (a premium web design in El Dorado Hills). Since his experimental stages with Photography in 2014, Brenan has learned from expert photographers, Jay Lensch ( and Jeffrey Bowdoin ( among many others to constantly educate himself and immerse himself in the photography world. Upon learning from some of the best photographers in the area, Brenan has continued to excel in many areas of photography. Brenan has come to learn, understand and love the relationship between subjects, lighting, equipment and much more. From shooting product photography for eCommerce websites, landscapes, interior design photography and much more, Brenan is constantly intrigued by new photography projects. In his spare time, Brenan travels wherever the wind takes him and also writes for Trail 4Runner, his 4Runner accessories/ expedition blog. The more uncomfortable Brenan is in achieving his goals, the closer he feels that he is getting into something special.

Front Street Media?

Brenan offers free ground photography and free aerial photography on all of his website design projects for clients throughout the Sacramento, Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Roseville areas. Specializing in Web Design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Brenan and his company Front Street Media now have another tool to use in this wonderful world of Marketing and Advertising. Front Street Media is a full media company that specializes just about every aspect of marketing you can think of. From custom Graphic Design to strategy and branding, Front Street Media is your local Web Design and Marketing company of choice in El Dorado Hills, CA. If you have any questions about photography, graphic design, web design or SEO, Brenan and Front Street Media can help.

Only if you want Something Special

Reach out to Brenan and the team at Front Street Media if you are looking to create something special for your brand. Front Street Media has developed hundreds of brands and brand strategy concepts for clients throughout the greater Sacramento area. Not only has Front Street Media created brands and brand concepts, they have over one thousand website design projects under their belt. If you are looking for a company that you can trust, has done this time and time again and constantly gets amazing results in the search engines, contact Front Street Media. We only have one requirement… only contact us if you are looking for something truly special.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography as long been a vision of Brenan’s. Aerial Photography combined with a custom website design can turn into an absolute masterpiece overnight. Many business owners don’t see the importance of aerial photography for their business and rightfully so, in many places is does not belong. If; however, the shoe fits then a company should wear it. Aerial Photography can surprisingly fit in many applications and will catch the eye of many followers in a social environment. Aerial Photography is just another way to get your prospective prospects to look at you differently or look at you at all. Brenan and his company Front Street Media in El Dorado Hills run a simple DJI Phantom 2 with a ZenMuse H4-3D Gimble combined with a HERO4 Silver that shoots 4K Video and takes amazing photographs.